Another way to be part of youth conversation

Fanta is all about turning boring routines into something playful. But how do you spread that message to a generation that are better at creating than listening?


Introducing FantaMoji a more playful version of the world, told one emoji at a time, powered by a set of 25 bespoke Fanta emoji’s. FantaMoji  was used everywhere from Chat , to Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A FantaMoji keyboard was available through popular messaging services as Viper and WhatsApp, becoming a natural part of the conversation on the most popular social platforms. Giving influencers across Europe and social media stars, the creative ammunition to tell powerful stories to their followers.


The FantaMoji’s was sent to influencers around Europe as part of a digital toolbox for social media, and was supported by a film and print campaign that ran across Europe.