Driving home for christmas

Another way to turn a Christmas campaign into a news story

Christmas season is a crowded space for advertising . So to cut through the clutter we helped grocery chain SPAR turn their Christmas campaign into a news story.


With everybody going home for Christmas, and a brand promise of being One of the locals, it is only natural that SPAR should help their customers back home for Christmas.

So for December we turned Grocery Chain SPAR  into a Traffic Company, offering people a lift from Copenhagen all the way home to Mogens, Peter, Pia and the rest of the 117 local SPAR grocers. Making sure that everybody would make it back home to their families for Christmas this year.


The campaign ran across Social, TV, radio and was picked up by local and national news, with a total of 1,5 mio. Media impressions. Creating Another kind of Christmas campaign, proving that SPAR is One of the locals.