The name change

Another way to get shoppers back shopping local

In Denmark grocery chain SPAR is located in the small towns and like most local shops, they are threatened by depopulation and big supermarkets opening nearby.


To fight this trend we closed down all 121 SPAR stores across Denmark and when we opened again, we had replaced the logo on the store fronts with the name of the local grocer, so people could go shopping at Thomas, Peter, Lars and Ellen. This started a conversation that made SPAR relevant again, making the local grocer the local hero.


The event captured the attention of the news and became a hot topic on social media, resulting in 68% of the Danes were reached through PR, creating 4 million unique media impressions for a value of 10,5 million DKK in PR value 30% sales increase. But most important: We turned an iconic logo into 121 personal outdoors, with one single message, SPAR is the local store in your home town.